We absolutely will go back before we leave Cozumel

We moved to Diego’s Tacos after viewing the recommendations and reviews on TripAdvisor! It had been very good! We had the fish tacos along with the fish tacos and then we purchased more since they had been excellent! The rates are excellent, but the parts are not huge, but still very high value for the price! We also purchased the chips with pico de gallo. The location is open until 4:30 PM and only has about 5 tables but is well worth it to move!

We had been waiting for the son’s girlfriend to get through customs in the airport and parked across the road from Diego’s. I was somewhat hungry, and we hadn’t ceased at Diego’s this excursion, so I walked over to watch Eric piling up seats. I stated “I visit your final” and he explained what do you want. I inquired about shrimp tacos, and he was sorry that the fryer is away, but my Mother can do you beef tacos. I said great and needed an arrangement of Diego’s tacos and thanked his mom again for producing them up for me and steered them liberally.

I ate them about the back of the vehicle, finished as son’s girlfriend texted she had been through customs and had her bag and got the green light. Stopped back after checking bags in airport departure and we had tacos before going through security.

I’m surprised that on TripAdvisor it states that you”work together” to make dining experience. I am bummed. The afternoon before we left we discovered your location, but shut. Perhaps you had been closed that week since I understand we went during night hours Fri 2/15 and locked. If we come back to Cozumel would really like to test your meals! Good reviews and people who recommend activities like cozumel villa blanca snorkeling tours we want to try.

This roadside open atmosphere diner has a tiny menu taco. However, it does it really well in a no-frills plastic dining table and chairs set up in colour. It’s located directly beside the airport if you’re seeking lunch immediately after coming in Cozumel or only before a trip it’s a great alternative. I’m not sure it’s well worth going out of the way for however if you’re in the place it is a fantastic selection.

Tastes ranged from fantastic to entirely unusual. Highly suggested for food, air, and staff friendliness.

Amiable folks, food was yummy at Diego’s! Fish tacos simply melt in your mouth together with the guacamole and salsa. This must be the first stop if you arrive on the Isle. Eric called a cab for us once we filled our faces.