Stay here in Oahu

We stayed in Waikiki at the beginning of our trip and are so happy we chose to come here to the past couple of nights. Service was a really great, beautiful big room with a complete ocean view and also a lovely pool and a children’s pool.

There were a few problems – one of those restaurants were not very good, and that which is quite pricey also do not count on great snorkeling here there was not much of a view, but it’s still a fantastic spot to stay – we always wish we had stayed longer.

So fairly much with the true aloha spirit. Not as active as other areas of the island. We’ve always been reluctant to pay a visit to Oahu since it still looks so busy and full of tourists. Turtle Bay wasn’t that. The organic attractiveness was, and the staff has been outstanding. We have a beach cabin, and it was worthwhile. We’ll return!

The Turtle Bay Resort at North Shore Oahu was magnificent! Talk about getting your personal sunset every evening! The staff told me about some snuba cozumel tours for rookies like, and I want to go there on my next trip! It was comparable to getting a piece of paradise on earth. The reasons were amazing! The hotel is located on 850 acres (yes 850), which left hiking the trails this kind of joy. There’s an array of actions at your fingertips in addition to trips right on the assumptions.

If you’re an avid golfer, then you’ll be a pig in mud.

Let us talk shore shall we — about 5 miles of unspoiled beach to research. As you learn more about the coast, you’ll discover small coves with tranquil waters to have a dip — btw, the water facing the resort can find a little tight. It felt just like being on a deserted island by yourself without a sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, soft buttery sand between your feet, and lush greenery should you opt to detour from the shore.

FYI, this hotel is approximately 1 hour and a half out of HNL airport. It is well worth the drive because the scene, landscape, and water are really remarkable.