The Best of the Best in Cozumel

We ate there two nights with 5 people. You really should make reservations since they’re only open a few nights each week. Someone was awaiting the front part of the facility and called us and directed us to the restaurant. Nice touch even though I’ve eaten there every time we go to Cozumel to our dive trips.Innovated choices that surprise you every moment. Some recurring items also and all are good.

Drinks: they try to supply fresh and interesting cocktails: my wife loves the coconut martini, but I find it too sweet. I have done a gin-cucumber one which was much lighter and subtle. Complete bar and they are able to make anything you may need.

-The seafood skewer is monstrous, and this is a shared thing in my thoughts. They really know how to cook the fish and octopus and fish Probably better to share that with a couple people because it’s so filling.
-Mahi-Mahi special was fantastic along with a reasonable portion that you can complete -fish & chips were the best my son has ever had

Ambiance: maybe the best setting for dinner around the island. There’s an indoor area with air conditioning, but you miss out on the encounter.

Service: Could be attentive but you are in Mexico. We waited to purchase drinks & get them more than I anticipated. They do have bug spray available, but we’ve learned to pre-pray before heading out everywhere to dinner in Cozumel. The nice thing is that our waiter talked to us about boca paila fly fishing guides for a trip we want to make.

Stopped in for dinner walking over from Playa Azul, should have gone the shore way above, we did on the way back. Food was excellent, and the sunset with just a tiny storm coming was equally magnificent. We went back 2 days latter since the food was so good.

We just returned from our annual trip to Cozumel and proceeded to Buccanos three occasions and had the most amazing foods! The owner and her son have left the entire package ideal! The wait staff are first class, the new director is affectionate on in their heritage, and the chef continually serves a beautiful menu! The view is magnificen! Can barely wait to see their latest restaurant once we return.