Good location and excellent value

I picked Lacroix since it was reasonably priced and at a handy place. I wasn’t disappointed.

While the resort was extended a spruce-up, it is definitely not elaborate. But nothing to complain about using the space itself or the comforts.

My room rate included a complimentary breakfast, which has been a fantastic beginning to the afternoon. A great choice of American, Asian, and European breakfast – and pineapple.

The resort is a short stroll to Waikiki beach and also a slightly longer walk into the first Waikiki shopping district. Luckily, the resort is quite close to major bus routes, so it is a fantastic spot to be based in case you have not got a car. Also, the staff is really helpful; they recommended a mini sub dive tour cozumel in Mexico. Sounds really fun!

There is a small but well-stocked ABC convenience shop in the resort lobby, which is extremely helpful for picking up items such as sunscreen, snacks, drinks, sandwiches, etc..

The only drawback: the balcony doors are single glazed and are not the best in keeping traffic out the noise. The playground side of the resort faces two main streets, which appear to entice exuberant drivers on weekends. I sleep with earplugs;, therefore, it was not actually an issue, but it may be a problem for light sleepers.

Up to now, Hotel Lacroix is at a fantastic place and represents excellent value for people searching for basic hotel lodging in Waikiki.