Best people around!

The food is excellent, but the highlight is definitely the atmosphere and the staff.

Senior Frogs has located on the central waterfront strip just a short walk from the ferry ships to Playa Del Carmen and also the cruise ship docks near the downtown region. If you are arriving on the new’ cruise ship docks, it is a 45-minute walk or $10.00 by cab. Always fun with good food in a very distinctive setting…

Certainly worth a stop for a drink while listening to music or a snack to eat while touching the water or watching people walk by. There’s also an excellent souvenir shop right next door, where the employee told me about the cozumel jeep tour cruise port and he says it worths the shot.

We entered once the waitstaff was doing a dance on the point. Music, laughing, jokes were played teasing, dancing – it had everything. In addition to it, the food was good, the prices reasonable, portions were more significant than we could eat, and you could not ask for better, more personable service (thank you, Julio Cesar! ). Take some time of our lives and would return in a heartbeat.

The staff was terrific; whenever we needed anything, they had been on our side. The music had a lot of variety and sentenced to a large group. We’d definitely come again especially for the ambiance and service. Definitely more of an enjoyable celebration scene and urge for anyone looking for a fantastic moment.

Señor Frog was a fantastic experience for our spring break encounter! We are so eager to go back, and we haven’t even left! Hugo took the lead of the whole restaurant and made everybody feel included and lets like our holiday!

Additionally, there are a couple of food outlets – shooters’, a Taco y Tequila, and Señor Frogs. My wife and I had visited Señor Frogs in both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta on previous visits to Mexico, so I wandered in, past the indication that reads”Keep Calm, you’re on the entertaining side of Trump’s wall” and throughout the retail store.